@beli3ver Hab ich frueher ausschliesslich getan, inzwischen passt das Preis-Leistungs-Verhaeltnis leider nicht mehr.

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@mthie naja alles wird teurer die neuen Dinger sehen aber gut aus vor allem mit den i7 und i5 CPUs

@beli3ver @mthie Unsing a Lenovo Flex 5 since a few months and really happy with it. ChromeOS suits my work needs (Jira, Confluence, Mattermost all in Browser), as well as private stuff.
I'm using Linux for some of the tools, Android for the rest and it works really well.
Depending on your use case it can be a really smooth experience. Ask me anything if you have specific questions.

@ChrisMcZork @mthie I am a sysadmin, so I think I will need

- Teamviewer
- AnyDesk
- VSCode
- Chrome :ablobcatattention:

@beli3ver @mthie
- VPN (depends on which one, haven't tried anything)
- RDP, Teamviewer, Anydesk - just use the Debian client
- VSCode (works, google for vscode chromebook, basically a linux install)
- SSH (out of the box)
- Chrome (dito)

Most Debian progs are working out of the box, never had any problems myself. But ... on many chromebooks you have limited diskspace, keep that in mind.

Using browser based stuff and webapps is of course the preferred way to work.

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